Speelman, Dr. H. A. (Herman)

Onderzoeker/Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Herman Speelman

Tel. +31(0)38 333 58 64
E-mail: haspeelman[at]tukampen.nl

Functions and Areas of Interest

Function and Areas of Interest

Senior researcher in the research group Early Modern Reformed Theology
Areas of Interest: Calviniana en Melanchthoniana

Research Programme

  1. The Development of Disciplina in the Context of Genevan Confessions Period: it concerns a combination of five confessional texts from 1557 untill 1562 from Calvin on the one hand, and a scientific study to the origins and the effect of what is sometimes called the third characteristic of the church on the other. 
  2. Investigation into Content and Impact of Melanchthon’s Unterricht der visitatoren.
  3. The Reformers and the Liturgy of the Hours.
  • An edition within the Scripta Ecclesiastica of Calvin's Ioannis Calvini opera omnia recognita (COR).
  • Monograph concerning disciplina with Calvin and the later effects in the Netherlands.
  • Monograph concerning Melanchthon's Onderricht to ministers.
  • Monograph concerning the Reformed vision on the Liturgy of the Hours.
  • Calvin and the Independence of the Church; Calvin’s Confession.


In 1980, I graduated with a degree in theology from the Free University in Amsterdam, focusing on philosophy and systematic theology. During my degree, I spent time in Dordt College in Iowa, USA as well. During my graduate studies from 1990-1993, I specialized in church history.

Besides working as a pastor in many congregations of the Christian Reformed Churches over the past 35 years, I also served as an army chaplain for a year. Previously, I was a dean at International Theological Institute and have taught courses in symbolism at this Institution for distance education for ten years. I have also lectured in church history at the Reformed College in Zwolle for over twenty years. I have also served as a missionary, I have taught apologetics at Hindustan Bible College in Chennai, India, and hermeneutics at the Pacific Islands Bible College on Guam, USA.

Currently, I am Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Early Modern Reformed Theology at the Theological University of Kampen and involved as a visiting lecturer in Ecumenism at the deacon and priest training program at the seminary Bovendonk in Hoeven.

As a pastor and teacher in the field of religion, I received spiritual support from many religious communities, including the Trappists in Berkel-Enschot and the Friars Minor Capuchin in 's-Hertogenbosch, as well as from Franciscan communities in Stoutenburg, in Kranenburg and on Guam. On a daily basis, I felt carried and was revitalized by their liturgy of the hours as the basis for a life of prayer.



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