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The primary focus of the library of the Theological University is to facilitate and support its students and lecturers in their research and studies.  Furthermore, other interested parties may use its facilities.
The library collection consists of about 150,000 volumes. These can be accessed through a catalogue.


Borrowing material from the university's own collection is free of charge. However, possession of a library pass is necessary. When requesting material from other libraries, the university will mediate, but any cost involved is to be payed by the applicant.

Study space
Apart from the study halls in the library there are three more study rooms in the historical and monumental building of the Linneweeversgilde (Linen Weavers Guild):

S. Greijdanus room:  Here is to be found the most important literature (such as handbooks, text editions, grammars, dictionaries) regarding Semitics and Judaïca/Judaism. 

R.J. Dam room: Here is to be found the most important literature regarding the area of New Testament auxiliary sciences (such as handbooks, text editions, grammars, dictionaries): culture, history and religion of the Hellenistic world; Hellenistic Judaism; the text of the New Testament and Patristics.


Prof. D. Deddens Center for applying Church Order (Kerkrecht): Here is to be found the most important literature (such as handbooks, church orders, church minutes, and commentaries) regarding the application of Church Orders. Besides this, a large collection has been gathered here of material about the history of the church in Anglo-Saxon countries in general and about Presbyterianism and other nonconformist movements in particular.

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